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General Tips

Sun protection

As South Africa is close to, and within proximity, to the tropics in terms of our climate, this means we have very long hours of sunlight, especially in the summer months which March falls into. The hours around midday are usually the hottest, when the sun is at its strongest strength, this means that added precaution during this time period must be taken. Sunblock and hats must be worn in order to protect yourself from the harsh, African sun!



South Africa is extremely hot in temperature during March, make sure you stay hydrated whilst supporting your heros out on the course. There will be food vendors, and a Chill Zone where you can stock up on water and drinks throughout the day to ensure you do not get dehydrated at all.



The safety of everyone enjoying the UCI World Cup is of great importance and the organisers have gone to great lengths in ensuring that the proper support services will be on call at Coetzenberg including medical and security personnel.

Fauna and Flora

The Coetzenberg forest and fynbos area is surrounded by built up suburbs so there is no fear of any large animals, but do be aware of snakes, spiders and scorpions as these creatures do tend to make their homes in this type of environment.

Should you come across any of these creatures don’t engage them but rather back away and warn others in the same area of their presence. If you can bring this to the attention of an official it will greatly assist in removing the offending creature and ensure everyone’s safety.

Please be aware of the “No Entry” areas on the course as these are protected areas where the natural fynbos has been reintroduced and is busy regenerating. Fynbos is very sensitive and any damage will take generations to repair. Stick to the designated paths and areas of forest in which you are free to roam.