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4.4 KM | 180 M CLIMBING

Puff Adder

Puff Adder is a short, steep switch-back climb, which will test the riders ability to keep traction while powering up the ascending switch-backs. This portion of track will only be used from the second lap onwards, as the first lap of the course has been designed with a start loop which allows for maximum over-taking opportunity.

Varsity Dropout

The main part of Varsity Dropout is a three-foot drop, shortly followed by a right hand berm. The Riders approach to this obstacle is absolutely key, get it right and the obstacle will seem effortless, but, get it wrong and it could result in a rider going OTB(Over the Bars) or even DNFing.

Rock Garden

This multi-line Rock Garden will see the more technically skilled riders gaining an advantage over their competitors. With very little drop in height between the entry and exit of this Rock Garden, momentum will be key to getting through fast and efficiently.

Nederburg Wine Barrel

Wine Barrels is a must for spectators wanting to see riders showcase their skill, while descending through this deep and steep gully. Riders finding the flow and braking at the right times will result in them nailing this section. Get it wrong, and spectators will get to watch more than what they had bargained for.


A two-foot drop-off on the apex of a descending corner. This will no doubt be challenging for riders that have pushed themselves too hard on the long climb in the lead up to Howzit.

Khoi Spirit

A relatively short, descending section of the course that will allow riders to compose themselves before entering into Pickup Sticks. Riders finding the rhythm and the flow through this section will conserve large amounts of energy, which will stand them in good stead for the latter parts of the race.

Pickup Sticks

For spectators, Pickup Sticks is the place to be in the closing laps of each race. This section of track is one of the last opportunities for rider to utilise their technical abilities to gain an advantage. Keeping a cool head and good line choice will be critical. Get it wrong and you’ll be faced with a short run to the finish line.